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Jutland Heath Cup - JHC

Saturday the 27. of may 2023 is the next Jutland Heath Cup

Invitation will follow.


We had a nice Jutland Heath Cup and Danish Championship with superp weather and termal. And the highest number of flyers in Denmark in many years. You can see the results from both contest in the link below.

The scorebord with the results from Jutland Heath Cup and Danish Championship. 

Congratulations to the winners in JHC

F1A: Erik Niemierski    F1B: Karl Desinger    F1Q: Oleksander Maksymov    F1S: Per Grunnet

And the winners in Danish Championship together with the Danish Champs

F1A: Maarten van Dijk  F1B: Karl Desinger    F1Q: Per Grunnet     F1S: Per Grunnet

F1A: Jes Nyhegn          F1B: Steffen Jensen  F1Q: Per Grunnet     F1S: Per Grunnet



Pricegiving at Jutland Heath Cup


F1A podie

F1A podie

F1B podie

F1B podie, well the winner

F1Q podie

F1Q podie


See the invitation from 2022

We have changed homepage since last time. Maybe one day the old results and pictures will show up.

We look forward to 2023

together in freeflight