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Norsk invitation

Danish Winter Cup will be flown on Mjösa in Norway sunday the 5. of marts 2023.

You can se the full invitation on http://frifluktvegar.no/eagle_cup.html

We plan to run two World Cups 4th.and 5th.March 2023.

Eagle Cup on Saturday and Danish Winter Cup at Sunday, with Monday 6th. marts as reserve day for remaining rounds and flyoff.

The headquarters will be at Hovdetun Youth hostel in Gjovik. The organizer will be there Friday from 18.00-20:00 for registration and Entry fee. The Entry fee is 35 Euro, juniors 15 Euro.

We intend to fly F1A-B-Q with 4 min. max in round 1 and 2. Due to early sunset, first flyoff is 8 min. max.

Flying site. We will find a place between Lillehammer and Gjovik, with the best conditions on ice. There will be a Briefing before the start of the first round.

We will run the competitions according to Sporting Code, with these exceptions: There will be 5 rounds before flyoff, and we go direct to 8 min. max in first flyoff, because of early sunset. There will be no official timekeepers. The participants time each others in groups. In flyoff we all need to help other classes to time flights. 

Accommodation can be made to following places:

Hovdetun Vandrerhjem - HI Gjøvik Hovdetun

Quality Hotel Strand 

Vertshuset V- E6 AS

Registration/ Entry Vegar Nereng, vnereng@online.no