Foreign pilots

Foreign model airplane and drone pilots


Due to new legislation in Denmark enforced by July 1st 2017 there are a couple of things you need to be aware of if you intend to fly your model airplanes or drones in Denmark.

First of all you need to be insured. Most national Model Flying organizations offer this, but you need to make sure that you have coverage in Denmark, and need to make sure that the coverage is no less than 900.000€ in liability.

Next you need to read and understand the rules. You should especially pay attention to WHERE you are allowed to fly. You can find the rules in English here: 

If you are familiar with common Model Flying terms you can skip chapter 1 and jump to Chapter 2 - then it is a matter of reading 3 pages. If you easily get bored reading orders and legislations a simplified "cartoon" lasting 4 minutes will give you the basics. You can find the cartoon here:

Next you need to register with the Authorities. Only exception is, if your aircraft weighs less than 250g AND flies LESS than 50 km/h.

Registration can be done here:
There is a small fee involved - 15 DKK (Aprox 2 €) - you can pay with most major credit cards.

Then you have to take a test that verifies that you have understood the rules. The test can be taken here:

Lastly you need to mount a label on all your aircrafts. Make sure the label is printed with your Name, Address, Telephonenumber and your "Drone operator ID" obtained in the test above. The label can be identical on ALL your models (that you intend to fly in Danish Air Space). The label can be just a small sticker, it is not even necessary to mount it in a way that it is visible from the outside. It just needs to be there. (Some have even mounted labels on their LiPo's)

We know this might sound like a lot … But actually if you use the Cartoon to get familiar with the new legislation, you can be ready to go flying within 30 minutes.